Time to step it up!!

Swedish Teammanager Stefan Ernryd and Team RT are looking to add a second car to the Ernryd Cars-sponsored Prostock operation. To bring the plan to fruition, the current car is under offer turn-key. The purchaser will remain part of our two-car raceteam, and Stefan says that for interested parties the car’s recent testing numbers speak for themselves:We don’t want to sell it for the money, we want to sell it to put two Mopars on top in Pro Stock says Thomas. The problem is that there are so few people out there who have the guts, money and skill to take advantage of this opportunity. But we want to try.If you think you’ve got what it takes to become part of Team RT then you can contact us and book a meeting. E-mail stefan@ernrydcars.com or by call +46(0)702302720 or Contact Thomas info@teamrt.se or call him on +46(0)86467420


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