Time to step it up!!

Swedish Teammanager Stefan Ernryd and Team RT are looking to add a second car to the Ernryd Cars-sponsored Prostock operation. To bring the plan to fruition, the current car is under offer turn-key. The purchaser will remain part of our two-car raceteam, and Stefan says that for interested parties the car’s recent testing numbers speak for themselves:We don’t want to sell it for the money, we want to sell it to put two Mopars on top in Pro Stock says Thomas. The problem is that there are so few people out there who have the guts, money and skill to take advantage of this opportunity. But we want to try.If you think you’ve got what it takes to become part of Team RT then you can contact us and book a meeting. E-mail stefan@ernrydcars.com or by call +46(0)702302720 or Contact Thomas info@teamrt.se or call him on +46(0)86467420


Kamp mot värmen på Tierp Arena

28 graders ökenhetta. Det var utmanande förhållanden på SM i dragracing under fredagsförmiddagen. Men fartfantomen Thomas Lindström kände sig som hemma.

– Tack för att du finns, vd Cemoni Ohlsson ropar dragracingföraren Thomas Lindström, som bor i Stockholm.Han är nöjd med att vara tillbaka på sin hemmabana.– Jag är en av ungefär 50 svenskar som kommer köra EM här i augusti. Det är fantastiskt att vara här då det är världsklass på banan. Jag kör en del i England, Tyskland och USA och den här banan står sig bra. Den är byggd av och för racers. Det är verkligen fint att det kommer mycket publik hit, det gör att sponsorer blir intresserade.

Hans teamchef Stefan Ernryd känner framtidstro.

– Det var fruktansvärt deprimerande när banan gick i konkurs förra hösten. Det kändes ovisst om det skulle bli tävlingar här i år. Jag tror att den nya ägaren Cemoni Ohlsson kommer att få det här att fungera då han även är duktig på konferenser. Tänk dig att hyra banan, ta in tio snabba bilar och bjuda andra på den upplevelsen. Sedan kan du sova över här.

Thomas Lindström kör den snabbaste klassen i EM och har kommit till SM för att testköra sin bil på den 402 meter långa banan.

– Det blev 6, 61 vilket är årets snabbaste tid här. Men det är fortfarande åtta hundradelar ifrån Europarekordet. Det är svårt att få bilen att prestera bättre i den här hettan. 20 grader är idealiskt, säger han.


Saxat från Arbetarbladet 25/7-2014





What We Do.


Navterra is an export distributor of vehicles, parts and accessories from the US. We have unique agreements with auction companies, parts & accessory manufacturers and distributors and specialty vehicle companies that offer overseas dealers an unmatched range of products. Our ImportGuard Process protects these products against damages and ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction. Navterra is comprised of three business units: Used Cars, Specialty Vehicles and Parts.

Used Cars

Navterra cooperates with US auto auctions to offer their off-lease, rental, finance company and wholesale dealer vehicle inventory for export. Our online auction platform allows overseas dealers to access and buy vehicles from US auto auctions without having a US dealer license.

After the purchase, Navterra minimizes the risk of buying used vehicles online and from a different continent with its unique ImportGuard Process, which is a rigorous 5-step quality control protocol that guarantees each Navterra vehicle arrives at its destination in the condition as documented prior to export (click here to learn more).

Parts & Accessories (OEM, ACDelco, Tires)

Navterra’s Parts department specializes in original GM/ACDelco, Ford and Chrysler parts, accessories, tires and restoration parts for classic cars. Located in the heart of Port Newark, New Jersey – one of the largest ports in the United States – gives us great access to worldwide shippers, quick turn-around times on orders and very competitive freight rates anywhere in the world.

Thanks for a great year – 2013

We wish to thank all sponsors, temmembers and people who are around us for a fantastic season of 2013. With your help we ended up as runner-ups in the FIA European Dragracing Championship.

We ended up in 5 out of 6 finals with the Ernryd backed up Hemi powered Dodge. The Roy and Allen Johnson powerplant is well working mean machine, and have outrunned many Chevys and Fords during the years.  We thanks the Johnson family for all the support given to us and the ability to be able to take a part of there awesome Engine program.

The season 2014 is soon in progress to start, and we have as always one or two aces in our sleeves. The Hemi will do what it takes to be in the top even this upcoming year.