Sweden Internationals, Tierp Arena 2012

European Dragracing Championship part 2:

After the Main event we where in points lead in the championship, but was it luck that made us winners…or was it that we only had an 4 field in the elimination ladder. One thing that is certain is that our confidence is better, the team learned a lot of things in England and it feels that the team are much closer together now than before. So why just not be happy and celebrate our first win ever, and that with the fastest prostock run in european dragracing history…of course we earned the win!!!!





We went to Tierp with different feelings, high expectations is one dangerous feeling that can destroy more than it gives…so we agreed to do as we always do…Another race, another opportunity to learn. We take one small step at each race, and we dont look forward or back… Do the thing that we are meant to do…Race, and having fun while doing it. The rocknroll way!!!!



We got 2 qualification runs on Friday, and that ended up in nr 2 spot and the numbers 6,72s 334km/h , with Jimmy on the top with 6,70s and 334 km/h. The rain took the saturday away from us, and nearly the elimination day to. But on the Sunday afternoon it cleared up and blue sky over Tierp Arena made it possible to eliminate all the F.I.A classes.

We got Dantanus in the first run, he was first out of the tree with 0,104s to ours 0,174s but our power in the engine got us to the semifinal. 6,94 and 322km/h for Dantanus and 6,73s, 333 km/h for Thomas.




In the semifinal we got a dejavu from last years Sweden Internationals, 2011 we got him in the semi and he took us out at the light and won…this time the Dodge will bite back!! Sampsa got the better reaction with 0,02s to mine 0,07s, but then we did al the numbers better and it ended up with another win for the mopar team. 6,69s 334 km/h gave us the low et points, lane choice in the final and track record. Sampsas numbers 6,75s 330km/h didnt make it.  We now facing the champ, Jimmy Ålund. And that is another dejavu…last year in Alastaro, Finland we met him in the final, and we made a redlight and he won…this time we will do better, this time we will focus, this time we will give the old man a fight.

The European dragracing championship final in prostock became the closest side by side race in European history. We took the better reaction time with 0,02s to Jimmas 0,04s…and that is what made us winners. Cause Jimmys run where a little faster than our…and i mean a little. We did 6,7041s and 334,37km/h and Jimmy had 6,7010s with 334,37km/h….Identical terminal speeds!!! and we won…not by much. 3000 of a second before over the finish line, about 28 cm ahead of jimma put us on the top again.  Two races and two wins for the Ernryd backed up Dodge stratus so far. We are in pointslead in the championship, we got the speedrecord at the main  event, and trackrecord at Tierp. The fastest Prostock car in Europe is going for gold in the championship!!!

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  1. Jocke & Flisa July 1, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    Lite sent kanske, men…
    Grattis som f*n till 1a platsen! Snyggt jobbat!

    Och kul du dök upp i Orsa :)

    Här finns filmklipp från Tierp om ni inte redan sett det:

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