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The raceseason starts in may, 2015

2-3 May Team R/T goes to malmoe raceway and test the car out for the first time since the finals at santapod-2014. We are all eager to see if the homework we have done during the Winter will pay off. Follow us ...

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Hansen Racing

Hansen Racing AB Hansen Racing är ett helägt familjeföretag som grundades av Carl Hansen 1966. I styrelsen sitter William Hansen, Ken Hansen, och Ted Hansen. Hansen Racing är Sveriges äldsta och största företag specialiserat på import av reservdelar till USA-bilar, truck, vans, och marinmotorer. ...

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In the middle of the season 2014.

            Well. The season have been up side down so far. In the FIA European Dragracing Championship we havent been able to fullfill a complete race cause of weather or track conditions so far into half season. Main event, santa ...

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Mopars on top in Europe!!!

No Word need to be said. Thomas Lindström and Alx Danielsson in a photosession for their sponsor Navterra. Did i mention its all about Mopar!!!   ...

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